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Japanese shaking beef cubes with garlic


From time to time, I would crave for a nice US beef steak. However, US beef is very expensive in Switzerland. I would either buy in Germany or even better recently, I came cross Aldi Switzerland is selling US Angus beef entrecôte at a very reasonable price. Today I  saw from their flyer again that they have restocked again and immediately went to buy some to stock up and keep in the freezer as they are sold out really fast.

Instead of panfry the whole piece of steak, I wanted to cook differently and had made this Japanese Isakaya version-shaking bite sized beef cubes or you would also come across this in a teppanyaki restaurant which serves this garlic beef towards the end of the dinner with some stir fried vegetables and fried rice. It’s so easy and quick to prepare and you can adapt to the available ingredients at home. This dish is ideal to serve with a few more small dishes and share with family and friends when you don’t want to have a formal dinner like a Friday night.

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Omurice (Japanese Omelette Rice) & Winners

Time flies, it’s already a month. The last two weeks I was in the States, one week in NJ and one week in NYC. Unfortunately I could hardly spend any time in Manhattan except a Friday night dinner @Rosa Mexicana.

I was very glad that I managed to fly with Marc along with my husband’s ‘long’ business trip. It was because we almost had to cancel the trip because Marc got a fever for the very first time since born just two nights before our departure. Luckily the fever did not last long.

I hereby sincerely to apologize to all those readers who made the time to leave a comment in my previous Sesame Chicken post. I am sorry that I did not have time to respond to all of them due to the travel as my time was fully occupied and hardly had quality time to sit down and write. The mornings were used to prepare his solids, play with him, take a bath, you name it. And in the afternoon, of course being in the US, I have to make use of every opportunity to do some shopping, my main purpose is to do baby shopping and here is really heavenly. In NJ, I shopped mainly in Short Hills Mall, and in NYC, I am lucky to stay with my old schoolmate and she drove me here and there to look for the goodies.

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Seared Tuna with Cold Udon

Yesterday was really hot, almost 36ºC. Actually it has been very hot these few weeks and in Switzerland, it is not common to have air conditioning at home. I don’t have much appetite and also do not want to spend too much time in the kitchen. We have been having dinner much later than usual at around 8:30pm or even later at weekends like people in Spain. Peter suggested to have seared tuna last night and I came out the idea of serving it with cold udon. Am glad he liked it a lot, it’s the first time I made the Mentsuyu, Japanese noodle dipping sauce from scratch.

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Gyudon (牛丼), Japanese Beef Rice Bowl

When I crave for some Japanese food at home, cooking one bowl rice dish is the most ideal to fulfill my desire. The other day, I made Japanese beef bowl which is known as  Gyudon. Gyudon is very common  at Japanese fast food places but I hardly would order this for lunch, because there are too many other things that I can choose from. Meanwhile, I was tempted to make this at home, as I had a nice piece of entrecote in the fridge so my Gyudon is for sure to contain the best quality ingredient.

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Tonkatsu easy made (Japanese Breaded Fried Pork Cutlet)


Recently made Tonkatsu at home. This is my mom’s, my brother’s and my favorite dish. This was actually my brother’s signature dish. We were so impressed that time when he cooked this for us, that was already many years ago. My mom rarely deep fries at home, we usually go out to eat deep fry food, less hassle and too convenient in Hong Kong. For Tonkatsu, there are even specialized Japanese restaurants just for this speciality so we never bothered make it ourselves.

I looked into my kitchen, doing stock taking and trying to finish some older stuff. Found a packet of Japanese breadcrumbs  (Panko) half opened, it immediately made me craving for a Tonkatsu, breaded deep-fried pork, a typical Japanese dish . All I need is just to go out and buy some fresh and good quality pork cutlet (loin). To me, Tonkatsu is very similar to the Wiener Schnitzel (thin sliced of veal or pork cutlets are usually used) here in Switzerland. However, I find Schnitzels are made too thin and the breadcrumbs (Paniermehl) used are too fine unlike the panko which are bigger and more crunchy as results. It’s a matter of personal taste afterall. I am a big Japanese food fan so you may think I am bias but the Tonkatsu is usually more juicy, less salty and oily than the Schnitzel, I think mainly because the pork used in tonkatsu is thicker and the meat juice is able to seal inside the breadcrumbs.

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