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Getaway weekend in Zermatt, Switzerland

Recently I have received an email from Wikio that my blog is ranked 27 in the Travel & Tourisms category which was quite pleasing but at the same time feel pity because I have not been able to blog about my travels. A lot of ideas and memories have flowed into my head but hardly can get my head into it. I like writing about my travels when they are still fresh, otherwise other new things come up and then eventually lose the interest to write anymore.

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How to make your own marinated olives

One of my neighbours always has some marinated or non-marinated olives at home, because their daughters love them so much. I have always want to make myself some as the way she told me sounds very simple. So I bought 2 packs of olives  to give a try. I thought this will be a perfect low carb snack as I am trying to get into shape.
Tonight after putting Marc into bed, I was supposed to sit down and learn some German but my hands got itchy after 20 mins. My hands got a bit itchy as I have not spent much time in the kitchen today except preparing solids for Marc. Due to my diet, I had boiled spinach and poached salmon. As a food lover, how boring is that!!! So I went to click click click on my laptop to search a recipe I like, and I found this article from Wine and Food Travel which I like best, it makes it so easy to prepare that I can remember this formula and repeat with some variation in the future.
I particularly like the basic formula it describes: whole olives, olive oil, citrus, and herbs. Combine, marinate, serve. And that the amount of olive oil required is half of that of the citrus you use. However, it did not mention garlic which I find this cannot be missed. I have skipped salt and pepper as I have used red pepper flakes and the olives are brined so no more salt is needed I think. So here is my version, I have used orange juice to to make it less sour.

I want this wine cabinet

Spotted this in Manhattan, love the idea of making use the space under the Chinese Ming Dynasty style console table into a wine glass & bottles cabinet. So stylish!