About me

I have started blogging since 2008 but after my son Marc came to the world in Summer 2010 and thereafter I have been blogging less and less on a regular basis. I didn’t want to totally give up blogging yet. However, it’s hard to keep it up. From 2008-2012, my cooking was reflected from how I miss the food from my hometown, Hong Kong. I used to eat-out frequently, from top-notch places to street foods, I like them all, whenever there are new hotspots, talk of the town, I would love to try.

Meanwhile ironically, loving so much eating, I am also obsessed with my appearance and hoping to stay slim. However, with my son just turned to three in July, I still could not shed all the extra pounds from my pregnancy. It’s not exceedingly bad that but I do not want to see my weight slowly creeping up and ignoring it. Some people say to me that now that I am a mom and not a girl anymore, so it’s normal to be like that. But I don’t accept this saying. Watching our weight is not only about looking good but we should think for our health perspective.

I have been doing some exercises, being more active only when the Spring is here, I realize that I have not been doing enough on a regular basis especially during the freezing cold Winter. So it’s time to call for action, to make some lifestyle changes. I am gradually shifting towards to a more mindful and plant-based diet, I have started drinking green smoothies and juicing. And also the  goal to stay active regularly. I don’t think I will ever be able to become a vegan but eating lighter and healthier is the way to go. I am a human and not a saint so occasionally I will still go for a piece of nice steak, beef hotpot and desserts.

This is a new lifestyle journey for me, so much to learn and read but that’s the fun part I like, so many new things to discover and explore. I think it would be nice to make use of this platform to share my new adventure with you !

Stay tuned!


9 Sep 2013



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